TO the energetic teachers, students, leaders & communities adapting to new learning environment and steer an uncertain future, we see you. We’re here to support you with live, interactive seminars & webinars with latest technology devices upgrading ourselves to next level learning methods.

About Us

Smart Tech & Lab aims to transform Nepal’s existing educational systems and advertisement or public information system to a digital one. Right now, millions of meeting rooms, classroom or interaction rooms all over the world are using smart displays for effective sessions. Nepal also has to catch up to the pace and implement these innovations as these technologies make teaching or meetings methods interactive as well as fun. Hence, Smart Tech & Lab strives to bring those technologies in the classrooms & meeting rooms all over Nepal.

Smart Tech & Lab is also a pioneer company that supplies new technologies to the venues that require smart display solutions mainly for conference rooms, meeting rooms, classrooms and in seminar hall.
Similarly, it also pioneers in LED displays ranging from full color indoor/outdoor displays to Single or Multi color still/scrolling advertisement or Information system.

Our Products


Interactive touch screen panels to support Conference, Meetings, Training and teaching approaches that affect the outcomes directly. The smart board, basically is a computer itself that also works as an white board but without the need of a projector or separate Computer/Laptop. Sizes of the panel varies from 55’’ to 85’’ while it is supported both with Android and Windows. It also works as a Smart TV.
Purpose: Any Indoor activities for Conferencing, Meeting, Training and Classrooms

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Interactive white board refers to a large interactive display that works with a computer/laptop and a projector. A projector projects the computer’s desktop onto the whiteboard’s surface, where the board becomes touchscreen with the support of related software and users can write by stylus or finger. The board allows items to be clicked, dragged, copied, reviewed and even the handwriting of notes is possible. The board is typically mounted to a wall or on a floor stand.
Purpose: Classrooms, Meeting rooms

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LED displays may be outdoor or indoor or for a dance floor, which are recent technology of LED boards that are used for Advertisement, Information or Entertainment.
Purpose: For Advertisements, Playing Movies, TVs Dancing floors

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Standard Projector Screen in various sizes that comes with/without a remote control for convenience.
Purpose: Conferences, Meeting rooms, Training rooms, Classrooms and Playing movies

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These displays are microprocessor based moving or still Message Display, made up of light emitting diode [LEDs] arranged in an array. The moving message or data can be fed & set with the help of a keyboard or from Pen Drives.
Purpose: Outdoor/Indoor Display Advertisement, Notice, Information Moving or still message

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Drawing or writing with the added stylus, tablet’s pressure-sensitive Liquid Crystal Display generates lines of different thickness based on how hard you push.
Purpose: Kids Learning, Family Communication, Home, Shop & office use, Menu, To do list, Notice Board, For deaf etc.

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Powerful LED menu displays generally kept outside the entrance of any Restaurants or at the Lobby of Hotels.
Purpose: Hotel, Restaurants, Businesses

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Our company is formed by professionals engaged to transform the Education, Visual communication & Display System through the latest Technologies available in the world. We understand the needs and challenges of CEOs, Managers, Students and Teachers as well. Hence, we are here to serve efficiant, essential, latest and cost effective tech products.

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Location:Balaju-16, Kathmandu
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